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bringing light to darkness
In These Times - Speaking for the Mind - Help with Mental Health

of increasing mental health distress, we provide a platform that brings topics that matter to you.

when Covid-19 has devastated lives and finances of individuals and families,
we examine the mental health impact of isolation and finances.

when talking therapies are not talked about, we present a range of options
for you to explore.

when your questions cannot be answered, we will plan our programmes based
on your contact feedback.

aims to address the mental pain that afflicts so many people today, made worse since the Covid pandemic. We present mental health experts and crisis organisations with their different clients and different approaches. In bringing light to the wounding and terrors of our feelings and our mind, we hope our broadcasts on Podcasts and YouTube will help you find some direction through and out of your mental suffering.

You can see the range of our mental health topics on our Broadcasts page. But we want to shape our future programmes through YOUR participation, YOUR questions, YOUR concerns. Although we cannot respond directly or personally to any emails, please use the Contact Us page to communicate with us and influence our broadcast content.

We have also provided a page of useful help resources to support you, and develop or explore your interest in mental health further.

was created, directed and produced by Previn Karian and presented by Chrissie Pollard. The project was renamed ITTMind. As co-founders, they created this project in response to the extreme mental health pressures and suffering created by the Covid-19 outbreak.

We hope you enjoy our work.

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