Mental Health Does Not Discriminate

There is no protection against mental health issues. From royalty to the homeless, celebrities to the ordinary, from the wealthy to those relying on foodbanks, and billionaires to subsistence wage workers, mental health can strike any of us down. When mental health knocks on your door, there is no discrimination based on age, class, race, creed or country.

Mental health brings us down because it is caused by life events and there is no protection against life. Years after the internationally televised funeral of Princess Diana, both Princes set up the Heads Together mental health charity, knowing the personal devastation of a family loss and serving in the forces. Meanwhile, as of 2nd May 2021 in the UK, over 150,000 deaths of family members and loved ones have been experienced as a deep loss through the shock of the pandemic. The heart-wrenching agony of bereavement, the depression of the mourning and grieving process, has swept across us countrywide.

For frontline healthcare workers during the pandemic, there has been an increase of anxiety, PTSD, stress and exhaustion. Anxiety and depression have hit hard in people who have lost jobs. It is likewise for those who have worked their whole lifetime to build up their businesses, then see them disappear. Years of hard-earned savings in the bank have been plundered, creating despair about the future. Parents, children and grandparents have had to cope with the immense impact of isolation and financial loss.

Whilst the call for resilience has seen everyone drive through these and other circumstances, the cost of that resilience will soon be surfacing. The mental health scars that were always there, but made worse by the pandemic, cannot be wiped away by pictures of happy people re-uniting at restaurants, pubs, sports events or parties.

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Previn Karian

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In These Times Blog - Help with your Mental Health and Well Being